Our WordPress Maintenance Services Include

Website Updates

We will update WordPress, plugins and theme of the website. All updates are done with care and it ensures website run smoothly with latest versions.

Routine Backups

Regular backups of the website on hosting account or cloud storage depening on the website configuration. Easy to restore backups avilable to restore anytime.

Security & Malware Scanning

Regular scanning of the website is essential to protect it from malware codes and supicious activities. We scan website to ensure there is no suspicious code in the website.

Performance Optimization

Optimizing CSS, JS and images are vital for website speed as well as search engine optimization. We look for any issues causing slow load time and optimize website contents.

SEO Analysis

Analysis of website SEO performance and reporting any on page seo errors. We will provide full report from SEMRush inclusive of keyword analysis, Page audit and Backlink audit.

Assessing Themes and Plugins for errors

Identifying any issues from the theme or plugins. Reporting issue such as Javascript conflicts, broken theme or plugin code due to updates.

Content Updates

It involves tasks ranging from small changes such as updating a logo image, button color or text updates in a page to creating a new blog post or page on the website.

Server Maintenance

We ensure your website is running on optimum server configuration and have enough resources to run website smoothly. It includes following:

PHP version check/update to ensure website using latest PHP version to ensure security and compatibility of plugins and themes.

Bandwidth check: Analyzing bandwidth usage to prevent downtime.

Disk space usage: Checking available space on the server to ensure there is enough space for new resources on the website and it functions correctly.

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