Software Delivery Automation (SDA) through Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Feature Flag management.

CloudBees provides leading enterprise DevOps solutions which enables developers to focus on delivering great software, while providing management with powerful risk mitigation, compliance and governance capabilities.

CloudBees is building the world’s first end-to-end automated software delivery system, enabling companies to balance governance and developer freedom. Their products enable organisations to build, test and deploy applications to production, utilising continuous delivery practices.

All of this has been made possible because many of CloudBees’ founders and leaders are veterans of open source projects and grew them into industry icons. Some of those projects today power digital businesses and software engineering around the globe.

Talk to the Phase Pacific team about leveraging CloudBees’ capabilities in your organisation today. They have extensive knowledge in the following products and will work with you to identify the ones best suited for your needs.

  • CloudBees Accelerator
  • CloudBees CodeShip
  • CloudBees Core (Jenkins)
  • CloudBees DevOptics
  • CloudBees Flow
  • CloudBees Jenkins Distribution
  • CloudBees Rollout
  • CloudBees Starter Kit
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