Cybersecurity – Network Threat Simulator

Save money by maximising the effectiveness of existing security controls and processes. Obtain a repeatable and continuous measurement of your security posture.

Whether you need to deploy a new patch on your NGFW, enable a new functionality on your IPS, or install a new tool altogether, you will get product-specific, step-by-step instructions to optimise your architecture and strengthen your cyber security defences.


Emulate the entire cyber-attack kill chain with maximum confidence and zero risk by continuously simulating real-world attacks on your live network.


Validate the strength of your defences, identifying potential cyber security threats, and remediating gaps all at once.

Application Testing

Testing your business applications as you modernise and move to the cloud for remote work.

Solution tools

Ixia Threat Simulator

IXIA partner
Ixia Threat Simulator
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