Cybersecurity – Device & Network Protection

Protect mobile devices and data against device attacks, network attacks, phishing sites, and malicious apps.

Persistent, on-device protection for mobile devices and the information the devices access similar to next generation endpoint protection (EPP).

ML Detection

On-device, machine learning-based detection which protects managed and BYOD devices

Device Forensics

Device Forensics to understand device threats and changes, including OS information, privilege elevations and persistent changes.

Network Forensics

Network forensic details on cell and Wi-Fi networks, current and ongoing connections, and other contextual information to profile the attack and help identify the source.

Vulnerability Detector

zLabs is able to disclose more iOS and Android vulnerabilities than all other major competitors combined.

Malware Forensics

Malware forensic details on detected malware samples.

Solution tools

Zimperium zIPS

Zimperium partner
Zimperium zIPS
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