DevSecOps – Application Security Testing & Protection

Reduce security testing time by shifting left and delivering application and data security.

Faster, easier, and cheaper to find and fix software issues early in the development process as developers write code.

Composition Analysis

Software Composition Analysis (SCA) tools find security vulnerabilities and license issues in open-source components and ensure


Gain insights and analytics of the tactical aspects for triaging and remediation by security teams.


Executive-level dashboards and reports for heads of development and security that provide security trend data and compliance information in relation to industry taxonomies (e.g., OWASP Top 10, CWE/SANS Top 25).


Secure data and applications wherever they reside protecting applications, websites, business-critical APIs, legacy systems and applications based on open source.


AI-infused analytics capabilities deliver actionable insights to IT and security professionals to save them time, effort, and cost.

Solution tools

Synopsys SAST & SCA and Imperva Application Security

Synopsys SAST & SCA and
Imperva Application Security
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